What You Should Know About Car Parts

When it comes to car repairs and car parts, there are three main sources. Depending on what needs replacing, you may want to choose one over another. To get a better understanding, it is better to talk about all your available options and what is best for your car in order to not compromise safety.

#1. Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket car parts can be reliable and worth spending money on. You can save money on aftermarket parts but you should avoid the cheapest ones. There is no such thing as cheap and reliable. What you should avoid are aftermarket body parts. They will not fit properly and you will end up with panel gaps.

#2. OEM parts

OEM parts are much more expensive than aftermarket parts. In some cases, if your car is very new, you will have trouble getting aftermarket parts and will need to get OEM. OEM should be your second option in terms of car parts if you want to save money. It should be your first option if you are looking at body panels and if you can afford to pay for a new OEM part. OEM parts come with a warranty just like aftermarket car parts and are guaranteed to work and be reliable.

#3. Used parts

Another option to save money is to get parts from donor cars. There should be easy to find but you should be careful what car parts you are getting. Avoid replacing parts of your steering system, brake system, or electric system with used parts. These can be dangerous. The most value you get from body parts from donor cars. These are basically OEM parts with a bit of wear. Even if you decide to paint these car parts, you are still saving money in the process. You can also get parts such as seats but avoid used seat belts and airbags.