What Is The Future For The Car?

Will 2021 be the year when the future of the car is decided? More of us than ever before are turning away from owning a car. Environmental concerns are forcing us to consider available transport options. Many think that 2021, maybe the year when the final fate of the car is finally decided.

What Is The Future Of Transport?

Some of us will no doubt buy electric cars. However, battery technology has a long way to go. But that is not the only problem facing electric cars. The raw materials that make the batteries that go into electric cars are in short supply as well.

Not only do electric cars need these raw materials, but public transport vehicles need them. In the future, we may even see electric-powered aircraft. Will they need batteries made from the same raw materials?

If that is the case, more of us than ever before will probably be forced onto public transport. We are already seeing this as a viable alternative to privately owned cars. Forward-thinking countries such as Finland and Sweden are investing heavily in public transport services. Even the UK, is spending a small fortune upgrading its public transport systems.

The Future For The Privately Owned Cars

It looks like the privately-owned car may become a bit of a luxury item in the future. Petrol and diesel cars will probably end up in private collections. Many of us will find ourselves taking public transport instead.

Is that such a bad thing? Maybe not. Perhaps it is the best way to help to manage natural resources and meet pollution targets.

The good news is that it could mean that your old car could potentially be worth more than you think. Maybe you should hang onto it after all and find out what it is worth in about 10 years’ time.